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Tips to avoid cravings for alcohol during holidays

Tips to avoid cravings for alcohol during holidays

Holidays are a time to have fun, party, and be merry with family or friends. These are generally characterized by over-indulgence, be it in food, drinks or alcohol. But, what happens when someone is recovering from an addiction? The season that brings good times for numerous people signal challenging times for the recovering individuals. It can be tough for such individuals to deal with the emotional upheavals associated with holidays and stay clean throughout the season.

For many people, holidays are a stressful time that often bring loneliness, opening doors to substance abuse as a way of coping with stress. But, one need not take refuge in drugs, cigarettes or alcohol to deal with the emotional turmoil associated with holidays. In fact, a ramped up family time, coupled with celebrations and festivities, work their way to keep a recovering individual away from the impending gloom and solitude.

Although staying sober during holidays might appear to be difficult, it is not impossible. Strictly following one’s daily routine, apart from adhering to certain basic remedial steps, can help a person avoid temptations over the holidays.

Listed below are a few tips to survive a holiday:

1. Turning down a drinking invitation

Saying “no” to alcohol during the holiday season might seem tough, but it is essential to maintain one’s sobriety. While it is not necessary to disclose everyone about one’s tryst with alcoholism, one should be ready with a valid reason for not accepting a drink.

2. Planning the day in advance

Keeping oneself prepared with a plan for the entire day can be one of the most important tips to stay sober during holidays. One should be sure about how he or she plans to spend the day and the activities he or she wishes to engage in, etc. Having such a plan handy is a great way to avoid a relapse.

3. Ignoring other people involved in drinking

It is common for a recovering individual to think that he or she is the only one who is not drinking alcohol. An individual might feel haunted by the thoughts of his or her peers surrounded by alcoholic drinks and forcing him or her to take a sip or two. They have the misconception that no one is allowed to remain sober in a party where alcohol is served freely. However, one must remember that everyone who is in a holiday mood is busy having fun himself and none of them have time to keep a check on what others are doing.

4. Having something to drink in advance

The best way to avoid invitations to drinking is by holding a glass of water in hand as soon as one enters the party venue. This will help the recovering person to keep away from people who look for an opportunity to drag others to get involved in drinking.

5. Avoiding triggers 

For an individual under recovery, it is important to avoid all sorts of emotional and environmental triggers. Keeping oneself away from things and people that trigger an urge to drink is the best way to stay clean during holidays. One should also keep himself or herself engaged in some activity to ensure that his or her mind does not wander around, or even thinks about consuming alcohol.

Staying alcohol-free is not impossible

When a person is grappling with the problem of addiction to alcohol or drugs, it is essential to undergo treatment to avoid major life-disruptive consequences. One of the first steps toward sobriety is detoxification that expunges toxins stored due to the addictive substances. If you or someone you know is addicted to alcohol, get in touch with the Colorado Detox Helpline to know about the best drug detox treatment centers in Colorado. Call us at our 24/7 helpline number 866-730-5807 or chat online to know about the best centers offering detox treatment in Colorado.

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