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Terms and Conditions


If you would like to talk with a member of our admissions team, please visit the admissions page and use the provided phone numbers to contact a representative.


Either the patient/client or the financial guarantor obligates themselves to pay Colorado Detox Helpline in agreement with the set rates and terms notwithstanding that which is covered by health insurance. (To find out about treatment rates, expected deductibles and co-pays, please call the admissions office). Prescriptions may need separate insurance coverage and/or the party making payments may need to make further payment arrangements.


All of our websites including but not limited to Colorado Detox Helpline are owned and operated by Colorado Detox Helpline. All rights regarding these websites and their materials are either owned, licensed or used with the permission of Colorado Detox Helpline. Unless given express permission by Colorado Detox Helpline, you may not copy, republish, upload, transmit or frame any of the materials appearing on our websites. You may link to, view, download, displace and print singular copies of these materials as long as they are unaltered, include the applicable copyright, trademark etc. and are not used in a way that suggests association with Colorado Detox Helpline. The appropriate copyright notice should be included: “Copyright © 2015 Colorado Detox Helpline. All rights reserved.”


Access and visitation to any of our websites is voluntary and at the sole risk of the user. Colorado Detox Helpline cannot guarantee that any of its sites are virus-free or free of other contaminants. Links to any other websites does not indicate endorsement of the site, its products or its services. Colorado Detox Helpline is not held responsible for any decisions made based on the information provided on any of our websites. The information provided on American’s websites is for education and informational purposes only.


As mentioned in our disclaimer, links to any other websites does not indicate American’s endorsement of that site, its products or its services. Links are provided so that the user may have access to additional information should they need it.


Colorado Detox Helpline protects the privacy of its clients in accordance with HIPPA regulations. This includes information regarding patient names, medical records etc. For more information about our privacy policy, go here.


It is the sole responsibility of the guarantor to know what their insurance benefits are and whether or not their policy is in effect. Colorado Detox Helpline makes every effort to verify the insurance and obtain benefits from the insurance company. None of our employees or affiliates are held responsible for knowing what a client’s insurance will or will not cover. This includes benefits that may have been quoted by the insurance company.

Our business office will bill your insurance as a courtesy to you and make every effort to obtain payment but any amount that is not paid by the insurance is the responsibility of the client and/or the guarantor. Benefit quotations from the insurance company may only reflect coverage charges and not 100 percent of the billed charges and are subject to the member’s eligibility at the time that the benefits were requested. And quotations are not a guarantee of benefit coverage or member eligibility until the actual insurance payment for services is received. All anticipated uninsured or non-covered charges and projected co-payments are expected to be paid upon admission. Unpaid amounts will be referred to a collection agency at 30 days past due with all interest and legal fees being the responsibility of the debtor/guarantor.


In accordance with HIPPA regulations and other confidentiality agreements, Colorado Detox Helpline can neither confirm nor deny the residency of a patient at any of our facilities unless the patient has put your name on their consent for release form. In addition to this, patient’s access to phone and visitation privileges will depend on their phase within their treatment and whether or not they have properly followed that treatment plan. Off-site visitation rights can be given or taken away according to the client’s behavior and if they have properly followed their program. Our site operates on a pass request system for visitation in order to protect the privacy of our patients. These passes will be reviewed and approved according to an assessment of the client’s stability.


Upon requesting information about American’s programs or services, we will use your email/postal address only to provide the information requested. Any information provided to our site is given voluntarily and any information we collect is used only for the purpose for which it is collected. We do not share your information without authorization from you or unless required to do so by law.

Unless you are listed on the client’s consent form, our site is unable to provide any client/patient information upon request. This is in accordance with HIPPA confidentiality policies and other privacy policies put in place for the protection of our clients.

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