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Simple foods to help detoxify from smoking

Simple foods to help detoxify from smoking

Smoking generates toxins that slowly gets accumulated in the body. Cleansing all these toxins from the system is important to avoid adverse health effects. For example, cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide, arsenic and tar that get stored in the body due to a prolonged use and most likely to cause damage to the body’s immune system. It is, therefore, important to detoxify the body of these harmful toxins. While there are many good detox centers in Colorado, some preliminary steps can be started at home as well.

Quitting smoking is the first step in the detox process. Some simple food habits can, in fact, help an individual to help in the detoxification process.

Here are some simple foods that can help an individual detoxify from the toxins generated from smoking:

  1. Water: Water is an excellent detoxifier. It can wash out the nicotine that gets accumulated in the body. Drinking water hydrates the body and makes one energetic. For maximum impact, lemon juice can be mixed with water to wash out the harmful chemicals from the body.
  1. Garlic cloves: Eating garlic is an excellent way to flush out nicotine and tar from the lungs and other body parts. Garlic contains allicin which is helpful in clearing the lung vessels. Garlic can be mixed with other foods to get the same effects as well.
  1. Herbal teas: Herbal teas are excellent in removing the free radicals that get stored in the body due to smoking. Herbal teas contain antioxidants that can consume the free radicals and thereafter flush them out of the body. Moreover, herbal teas are excellent for hydrating and providing energy.
  1. High fiber foods: Fiber helps to eliminate toxins that build up over time in the body due to cigarette smoking. High fiber foods also help prevent colon cancer. Fiber is essential for the normal functioning of the body muscles. Some examples of high fiber foods include raw green leafy vegetables, beans, kale, brown rice, carrots, cabbage, asparagus, peas and whole grains. Include these in the diet to get a holistic detox.
  1. Vitamin E and C: Smoking can deplete the sources of essential vitamins like Vitamin C and E. Drinking orange juice and eating green fruits can be a way to overcome the vitamin C shortage in the body. It helps restore health and well-being. Smoking also reduces the vitamin E content in the body. Eating green leafy vegetables such as spinach, collard greens and kale is advisable to restore vitamin E in the body, naturally. Vitamin E helps protect the cells and organs from nicotine.

Say no to smoking

There are numerous disadvantages of smoking which can cause severe health problems. The detox process won’t work if one continues to smoke. If you want to quit smoking, reach out to our representatives who can inform you about the best detox centers in Colorado.

To learn more options about detox for quitting smoking, chat online with our experts at the Colorado Detox Helpline. They can tell you about the best detox treatment clinics in Colorado. You can also call our 24/7 detox helpline number at 866-730-5807 for more information.

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