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Role that parents can play to keep teens away from drugs

Role that parents can play to keep teens away from drugs

A blazing urge to look well-endowed, lusting over Kylie Jenner’s impeccable makeup kits and yearning to find their beloved are some of the characteristics displayed by a girl who suddenly feels like a young woman as soon as she enters her teens. A teenage guy, on the other hand, starts feeling like a macho and starts pumping his muscles while idolizing bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Riding a bike or a fancy car and hooking up with that most beautiful girl in the school are some wishes which overpower their minds. While these are some innocent thoughts hijacking almost every teenager’s mind, one of the grave concerns surrounding this age group is the consumption of drugs and alcohol.

It is generally assumed that teenagers get introduced or reintroduced to these substances through their peers. For a parent, discovering about a child’s addiction can be heartbreaking and then a cycle of interrogation, blame game, name calling, and threatening ensues, in most of the cases. This approach, however, is counterproductive in most of the cases, therefore, the matter must be dealt with extreme care. Further, parents need to assess their conduct as well. Millions of parents across the United States are hooked on drugs and alcohol and the worst part is that they indulge in certain behaviors that push teens to try substances.

Some of the ways that can help parents in keeping their teens away from substances are detailed below:

Educating teens about perils of substance abuse

Many parents believe that if they are sober, it is unlikely that their child will get addicted. What they need to understand is that the interaction with the outside world, 24/7 addiction to social media and smart phones, extensive advertising of alcohol in print and visual media are enough to lure an uninformed teen. Thus, parents must have a heart-to-heart interaction with their child about what is an addiction, how it can ruin an individual’s life and the factors that can predispose an individual to addiction. The discussion must be calm and must be supported by statistics. A parent should strictly reinforce that even the experimentation out of inquisitiveness is non-negotiable.

Ignoring unusual behavioral patterns in teens

The American lifestyle is fairly fast-paced. Besides providing for the growing up children and taking care of multiple other expenses and chores, an adult or a parent is bound to get stressed and haggard by the end of the day. As a result, family life becomes mechanical. No matter how hard a parent strives to provide the best of facilities to a child, nothing can compare to the time and attention they can shower on their growing up teen. A teen developing a slurred speech, walking unsteadily, mostly remaining a recluse, requesting for money very frequently, appearing hyper at times or very silent are strong indicators of drug or alcohol use.

Behaving irresponsibly

It’s the parents’ moral responsibility to keep their children away from all worldly vices but that cannot be achieved by preaching only. A parent should become a role model for the teen by not indulging in alcohol or drug when the child is around. Further, alcohol and drugs must be kept out of reach of children.

Turning a blind eye or procrastinating support

Unfortunately, many parents have difficulty accepting that their teen can get addicted to alcohol or drugs. They think that subtle reprimands might dissuade their children. Living in a denial mode can spell disaster for the family because the child might end up in a rehab or a jail, not to forget the multiple ways in which he or she might have scarred the body.

Recovery through positive parenting

Undeniably, raising teens can get challenging every now and then, yet, building a camaraderie with the teens is indispensable as it will allow a teen in coming out clean about his or her addiction. Parents should remember that spending quality time with children, assuring them of their unwavering and non-judgmental support can greatly help in fostering healthy equation between the family members.

However, if you have just discovered your teen’s addiction, don’t get into a guilt trip, instead, understand that you still stand a chance of being a critical part of the recovery by instituting an appropriate treatment. Seek help from Colorado Detox Helpline to avail the best detox facilities around you. Detox helps in managing the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that occur when the body is devoid of the substance of abuse. Moreover, the process also helps in removing the accumulated harmful toxins in the body due to a continuous abuse of substances.

If you or someone you know is grappling with an addiction, call us on our 24/7 helpline number 866-730-5807 or chat online with our experts for more details on the best detox treatment centers in Colorado.

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