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Need Detox?

On the day someone decides they need help with overcoming addiction, they will normally find it with a facility or detox service. Breaking the pattern of addiction is no simple task though. The substance has taken control and will not let go. The person is incapable of functioning without the substance and recovery seems impossible. For those searching for something to help start treatment on the right foot, there is an answer: natural assisted detox.

The detoxification process is helpful in ridding the body of harmful chemicals which make it difficult to continue treatment. Natural assisted detox allows a person to go through the detox process with less discomfort than they might encounter otherwise. Either way, detox is a great way to start the recovery process and help lead the patient on a path towards a brighter future.

What is detox?

Anyone who has abused or become addicted to a substance will have to go through detox. This is the time period in which their body will rid itself of the harmful chemicals brought in by the substance abuse and gradually try to put things back to normal. The amount of time detox takes can vary depending on the method used, the amount of substance in the patient’s body and if the patient has abused more than one substance. The patient must make the decision to go through detox.

People may believe the false idea that detox is all one needs to cure addiction. In reality, there is no full cure for an addiction and detox will help a patient prepare for the ongoing battle against it. Detox is the most effective when followed with an addiction treatment program. Since detoxification clears the body and mind of the addictive substance, the following treatment program will seem possible. Detox will not completely cure the cravings and will not benefit a patient if they leave after the detox process without further help.

One possible form of detox will involve administering medication into the blood stream over the span of two weeks. The patient will attend a detox facility and receive the medication and often be closely monitored. Some treatment facilities will include a detox center; others may require the patient go to a hospital or clinic.

Another possible form of detox treatment involves a natural mixture and no medication to cleanse the body. Natural assisted detox and Neurotransmitter restoration–NAD/NTR—uses a natural mix of nutrients, vitamins and minerals administered intravenously to help ease the process of detox and combat withdrawal symptoms. This natural form of detox allows the patient to be at ease during treatments and can speed up the detox process without decreasing the effects.

Signs of a need for detox

With the addiction to a harmful substance, the brain learns to function on that specific substance. Certain drugs and chemicals alter the functions of the brain and give it an over stimulating reward. The brain becomes accustomed to this drug and begins to need more to feel the effects. The effects of the substance can affect the natural process of the body and throw someone into addiction.

The treatment process for addiction and substance abuse involves detox or cleansing the body of all harmful substances.

A few of the signs or symptoms showing one is in need of detox and treatment are:

  • Taking the substance in dangerously large doses
  • Strong urges to take more of the substance
  • The inability to stop or decrease substance consumption
  • Drastic changes in behavior or character

Take the first step

The road towards rehabilitation is long and difficult. Detox can be the first step to gaining a full and long-lasting recovery. Attempting to go cold turkey or break an addiction without professional help can result in physical or mental harm to the individual and those around him/her. Seeking help during detox will benefit the treatment of the patient and the safety of those closest to them.

If you or a loved one is exhibiting signs of substance abuse and are interested in detox assistance, please do not hesitate to call the Colorado Detox Helpline to begin the path towards treatment. Detox is not the cure, but is rather the first step in learning to cope with addiction. Seek treatment today and break your addiction.


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