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Detoxification for various substances – Part 2: Getting free of alcohol addiction

Detoxification for various substances – Part 2: Getting free of alcohol addiction

Alcohol is a way of life for some people. Excessive or even regular alcohol consumption increases the level of tolerance one possesses for it. In such a scenario, a person gradually increases the amount of alcohol to achieve the same effect which can lead to overdose and can be fatal at times. Incessant drinking or binge drinking can make one dependent on it, eventually leading to addiction.

Getting get rid of alcohol addiction can become difficult if not checked during the initial stages. One should also be able to accept that he/she suffers from an addiction problem as this acceptance makes the recovery easier and faster. For this, doctors recommend a host of medications coupled with therapies at various addiction treatment centers to help wean off the effects of toxic substances that may have got accumulated in the body due to continuous drinking. While treatment methods may vary, the one procedure common to all is alcohol detoxification process.

Detoxification is the foremost step in the management of alcoholism that helps tackle withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms depend on the severity and the duration of the addictive habit. Patients need the necessary medications in the presence of expert guidance. Apart from the necessary medical care provided to handle uneasy withdrawal signs, patients are also educated about the harms of alcohol and the need to exercise restraint on their drinking habit.

What is alcohol detox and is it essential?

This is a question frequently asked by those looking for a treatment for alcoholism. The apprehension behind detoxification is fueled by the myth that it involves starvation.

Detoxification is nothing but a set of procedures followed to ensure flushing out unwanted chemicals from the body. These chemicals become a part of the bloodstream as one gives in to the pleasurable effects of alcohol for a prolonged period. To rid the patients of the physical and mental dependence that results from incessant drinking, detoxification is necessary.

What happens during alcohol detox?

The first few hours after beginning detox are marked by intense cravings for alcohol, also identified as alcohol withdrawal symptoms, thus, indicating that detoxification has started showing its effect. Other symptoms exhibited during detoxification are:

  • physical uneasiness
  • anxiety, depression or irritability
  • a sudden increase in heart rate and blood pressure
  • inability to sleep
  • constant tremors

The symptoms may commence within hours of taking the final drink and may persist till the last step of detoxification.

Length of detoxification

While getting enrolled for detoxification, the length of the program is a cause of concern for many patients and their family members. While detox is the preliminary step on the road to complete sobriety, one needs to understand that the process may last for a week or can even extend to a month or exceed it. The length of stay at any alcohol detox center also depends on the type of center chosen – inpatient or outpatient. An inpatient facility is usually recommended in severe cases. For problems which can be managed at home, an outpatient facility is recommended where the patient has to visit the facility on certain days for medication.

Getting treated for one’s drinking habit

Getting oneself registered in a detox program under the supervision of a medically certified professional helps manage symptoms during the recovery process. Therefore, if you know someone who wants to get rid of an alcohol addiction, help is readily available. Contact the Colorado Detox Helpline to know about necessary information and assistance regarding effective treatment programs in Colorado. Call at our 24/7 helpline number 866-730-5807 for more information or chat online with our representatives.

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