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Challenges faced by women during recovery from addiction

Challenges faced by women during recovery from addiction

Whitney Houston’s death in February 2012 sent a wave of shock amongst her millions of fans across the globe. After all, the American singer cited as the most awarded female act of all-time by Guinness World Records in 2009 was regarded as one of the most successful singers of her time. However, she failed miserably in coping with the pressures that came along the way of a high-profile pop star and finally succumbed to her addiction in 2012.

Like Houston, thousands of women across the globe either succumb to or struggle with some sort of addiction. However, as compared to men, the number of females reaching out for support is fewer.

Addiction is a chronic mental health disorder that can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, social background, culture, etc. Unfortunately, women face a plethora of challenges when addicted and face a hard time coming out of it due to associated stigma and discrimination.

Listed below are some key challenges faced by women in coming out of an addiction:

Increased susceptibility to judgment and ostracizing: Across different geographies and cultures, women are considered as caretakers. However, when women fall apart due to an addiction to alcohol and drugs, society has a tendency to judge these women.

Self-deprecating feelings: Women are sensitive creatures. They are idolized as someone who can take care of their children and spouse and when such a woman falls prey to an addiction, she resists the idea of reaching out for support. This reluctance is fueled by an intense guilt of neglecting her family life if she goes for the treatment. Even if she gets into a rehab, she can get severely traumatized by feelings of staunch guilt, negatively impacting her treatment and recovery process.

Pregnancy and guilt: Addiction can be so strong that even a pregnancy can’t stop a woman from quitting drugs and alcohol. During sober moments, a woman hooked on alcohol or drugs might feel excruciatingly guilty for putting her child at risk too. However, the claws of addiction are so strong that soon this woman is back into the vicious cycle of addiction.

Susceptibility to rape, STDs and trauma: A woman under the influence of alcohol or drugs might get so vulnerable and dependent that she might be susceptible to unprotected sexual practices, rape and other forms of trauma. This can lead to sexually transmitted disorders and at times, some women may also get into prostitution so they could earn enough money to arrange for their next dose of drug or drink.

Road to recovery

It is about time that extensive education programs are conducted at schools, colleges, neighborhoods and even workplaces to disseminate the fact that addiction can strike anyone, regardless of the gender. Fortunately, a lot of rehabilitation centers are coming up exclusively for specific genders where women can concentrate on themselves, without the fear of getting judged or isolated. Addiction treatment specialists at these rehabs are extremely sensitive to psychological needs of their patients and it is ensured that through treatment, inmates gain freedom from their addiction and restart their life.

The preliminary step of seeking freedom from any sort of addiction is detoxification which prepares body and mind for recovery. The Colorado Detox Helpline helps patients by educating them about drug abuse, associated problems and treatment facilities. Call at our 24/7 helpline number (866) 730-5807 or chat online for information on drug detox treatment centers in Colorado. A chat with one of our representatives can guide you to the best detox treatment clinic in Colorado.

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