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Cannabis user resolve problems earlier, says study

Cannabis user resolve problems earlier, says study

Cannabis, undoubtedly, is quite exceptional with federal and state policies having differing viewpoints on its use and possession. While, according to federal law, it is still a Schedule I drug, 29 states and the District of Columbia have legalized its use for medical purposes and eight states have decriminalized it for recreational purposes.

The proliferation of the cannabis industry makes it essential for policy-makers to understand the reasons leading to factors that differentiate the needs and effects experienced by individuals using cannabis. Realizing this, a recent study found how resolving problems arising from cannabis use are different from those arising from the use of alcohol or other substances.

The landmark study asked almost 40,000 American adults a series of questions on the problems they faced as a result of drug or substance use and how they resolved them. The study focused on those substances that posed as a primary problem. The substances were accordingly classified as cannabis, alcohol or other drugs. The category of other drugs (OTH) comprised heroin, cocaine and opioids other than heroin, methadone, amphetamine, methamphetamine, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, hallucinogens, synthetic cannabis/drugs, inhalants or other. Those subjects who did not report a primary problem substance were excluded from the analysis.

Marijuana users resolved addiction problems earlier

Approximately 11 percent of the participants, that is, almost 2.4 million American adults, reported cannabis abuse and subsequent resolution of the problem. Notably, though these individuals had started using cannabis regularly – once a week – at an early age, they also resolved their cannabis-related issues at younger ages (29 years) compared to those experiencing problems with alcohol (38 years) or other drugs (33 years). Moreover, a surprisingly low proportion of 18 percent participants needed support from drug abuse facilities to resolve their cannabis problems; compared to 42 percent participants who had an alcohol use disorder (AUD). According to lead author John Kelly, the director of the recovery research Institute (RRI), the reason behind this might be the severe alcohol addiction and withdrawal symptoms requiring medical assistance.

Another aspect observed in the study was the “addiction careers” of the persons abusing a particular substance. Addiction career referred to the duration between the times a drug or a substance was first used and the time the problem was resolved. The group that had used and abused cannabis reported to have had a shorter addiction career compared to the group that had abused alcohol. The average gap between the two was almost six years reflecting how alcohol played a greater role in impairing the senses of the users both physically and mentally leading to more time required for problem resolution.

Marijuana detox can treat addiction

The current higher tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active cannabinoid in marijuana, content of cannabis products has made it difficult for individuals to stop on their own. Coping mechanisms for all drugs and substances, including cannabis, pose discomfort to an individual, owing to the severe drug withdrawal symptoms. Yet, detox from cannabis, using natural assisted detox (NAD), is easier than recovering from addiction to other drugs and substances.

If you or your loved one is battling an addiction to marijuana or any other drug, contact the Colorado Detox Helpline. Our experts can help you identify the most suitable detox center offering NAD therapy near you. Call our 24/7 helpline number 866-730-5807 for details about detox centers in Colorado. You can chat online with our detox experts for further information about drug rehabs with NAD.

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