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5 myths that aggravate drug abuse problem

5 myths that aggravate drug abuse problem

Drug addiction myths are ubiquitous. Some misconceptions are so widespread that they often create problems in recovery and treatment. The society stigmatizes the issue and the addicts are left to suffer the consequences.

Busting myths around drug addiction is crucial, not only because drugs are harmful but also due to the fact that the problem of is increasing alarmingly. Here we take a look at some common myths surrounding drug abuse:

Myth #1: Drug addicts are criminals and they deserve punishment

There is a widespread assumption that drug addicts are bad or immoral. This implies that those who do not take drugs are better people than the addicts. Unfortunately, this is not true. Drug addiction can happen to anyone. The idea that drug addicts are ill willed and must be left unattended to die because they deserve it is totally wrong and irrational.

Myth #2: Addicts can stop as and when they wish

Many people have the misconception that addiction is a choice and drug addicts can stop as and when they wish. This is actually against the definition of addiction. Many a times, people think that their loved one is choosing drugs instead of them. Addiction is hard to stop and it has nothing to do with the wishes of the addict. If stopping drug abuse were so easy, there won’t be any detox centers in Colorado or other states of the United States.

Myth #3: Prescription drugs are better than illegal drugs

It is commonly believed that since prescription drugs are taken on doctor’s advice, they are totally harmless. While use of prescription drugs for treatment of disease under medical supervision is somewhat harmless, self-use and overdosing on prescription drugs is as harmful as consuming illegal ones. They are equally addictive. Any drug that is misused can be harmful, whether prescribed by a doctor or not.

Myth #4: Taking drugs means there is an addiction

While drugs can be used for many purposes, to be addicted, the user must show some characteristic signs. These may include dependence on the particular drug, changes in conduct resulting in conflicts in relationships, change in sleep patterns, sudden alteration in attitude, defensiveness, etc. All drug users are not addicts. It usually takes some time to get addicted to drugs. However, this in no way means that we should experiment with drugs just because chances of addiction are feeble.

Myth #5: Confrontational, shame-based treatment is best for drug addicts

Some treatment centers follow a confrontational, shame-based approach to treat addicts. Research shows that instead of helping the addicts, these methods lead to a higher chance of relapse. Drug addicts should get the best treatment services since behaving differently with them their mental and emotional health. Care and quality service go a long way in long-term drug addiction treatment.

Do not stereotype drug addiction issue

While it is a fact that drug addiction is mentally and physically harmful, believing in popular myths is not a scientific approach. Drug addicts are human beings who need care, treatment and a little help to overcome their problems. As an informed individual, getting rid of stereotypes is the first step in devising a long-term treatment strategy for drug addicts.

Do not feel ashamed or cheated if your loved one is addicted to drugs. Take help of the best detox treatment clinics in Colorado to help them recover. Remember, a negative approach is harmful for the victim. Treat the drug addicts with a rational attitude. If you want to help someone who needs treatment and are trying to know about detox treatment centers in Colorado, call our 24/7 helpline at (866)-730-5807.

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